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From Synapse again

Even trying at my best, and trying and trying.. I wouldn't be capable in a million years to explain what Jim is capable to make me feel. His friendship is among the most precious things I feel I have been gifted with.
All he creates, thinkin of me, or out of things I make myself, is just like a blessing over, around, and within my life and soul. Thank you my dear.. :)

I sketched "Inmost Embrace" for him (see on my Artwork Album 6) and this is the way he couloured it. THIS was just what i would have loved to create myself for him from the start, but I wasn't able to. So, now, this is the example of friendship, pure one, because together we create what we couldn't alone :)


Below, you see the Triptych "Structures of Security" which Jim says was inspired by our friendship :)
I feel SO incredibly touched by this.. Hope he knows, but I know he does. :)
I apologize for the little size won't make you enjoy in full the beauty of them: I advice you strongly in watchin Synapse's Gallery in Renderosity.
You won't regret.

Structures of Security1

Structures of Security 2

Structures of Security 3...
.. and YES, these are Jim himself's portraits

The picture on the starting Page of this section is again courtesy of Jim :)