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Parcas Tripthyc


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A peculiar subject, which requests a bit of explanations... read below.

The unstoppable power of Destiny...




This tryptich blossoms out from a request abmlober (you sweet Andreas!!) made me days ago.After using my "Woman in Bed" piece he asked out for another similar face, and a skull of the same proportions, to use for his pieces as well. He asked also for some handly made squares, coloured and B&W, that I made for the same purpose, and which I have used for a piece you have seen already (From Stars To Concrete)
Since I never do exactly what people ask me to do, but I elaborate ideas out from the simplest of things, I decided to dwell into the legend of Parca Sister from the Greek/Roman mythology, which is also a myth of the Northern Lands within epic book of Scandinavians, the Eddan, under the names "Nornas".
The whole symbolism is about the blossoming of life, the developement of it, and the end of it.
The Greek Roman version says there are three sisters, daughters of the Night Deity, called Cloto, Lachesi and Atropo. The first and youngest, whose symbol is the spindle, traces out the wire of whool which is someone's life (Cloto is named Urd in the Eddan mythology, which means "Destiny".She's also the Goddess of the Past. Alongside her sisters she sits under the Cosmic Tree Yggdrasil sheding also water of life around); then she passes it to Lachesi, whose symbol is a parchment (Lachesi is Verdande in the Eddan, which means "The Becoming", and she's the Goddess of the Present) and who mantains and develops life, with all the good and bad, and moreover, with the idea of enrichin whomever during the time of existence with  any evenience as an experience, either if it is a positive or a negative one. When it's time to going to afterlife, the third sister, Atropo-whom I made as a skeleton, but she's not in the myths I am talkin about- cuts the wire of whool. Her symbol is the libra, with evident references  to the fact the actions of good and bad made by the one who dies will be weighted up by someone.(in the Eddan, Atropo is called Skuld, which means the Fault, but not in any bad sense.. it is Fault as completing a road, an idea near to the indian concept of Kharma, as Inevitability of ending. She's also Goddess of the Future, and is the only Norna who's also a Valkiria)
This tryptich is also a reaction of my brain and heart to the tragedy occurred in the southern of Italy days ago, with many young, young children killed by the roof of their own school falling over them, on the Halloween day, after a quake.
It makes you wonder about sense of life, the time we might have here, and the way we should use it in a way instead of another.
In all this, the ending is inevitable.
And like this legend tells us, we should see it not like punishment, but as a fact we cannot question over.
In a light and wise way.
Still uneasy, when innocents die that way...
Peace to their souls, and thoughts of compassion for those who are still here, suffering for their missing.
This tryptich is also an homage to them, and if you don't know how to pray tonight, please pray for them. In any language, any cult and religion and belief, you can do it and it will be a good wishing sent to them. Up above.
Thank you .