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More Pictures from Fall 2002 | Back To Web Door and Meli's Pictures Page

I don't really have any "reason" to put up these pictures.. I just have them under hands and I want to share them... that's it ;)


Aside, you see me "trying" to look serious for a portrait I was asked to shot... My oh my.. I really am unable to fake "intense" faces when all I would like to do is burstin up and out in laughes (and if you see some of the others pics.. you see How I am right :P :P :P)
Anyway, roll on with these in a way very.. erm.. embarassing pictures (I'd say ridiclous.... but I won't... I will.. nah, I won't then...!)


Erm... the series of my "Portraits" was taken due to requests of some artist friend who would have liked to work on them with their style after.. and actually you will see in the section of my website dedicated to Artworks of Friends some of them treated and reworked to make digital marvels ;)
I am egocentric, but not THAT much, basically ;)


Don't forget to click on the link below which will show you more pictures, but also of my friends there! Otherwise you will really think I am a selfish ass ;)




Again me At Marriage of September 2002.. this is a shot I didn't have previously, which Orni gave me at the middle of November. So there you go, take it too ;)


To see pictures of me and my friends is a way for me to describe not only my life, but to suggest to everyone how much it counts to be surrounded by people whom you love, and who loves you.
It is the richness of life, plain and simple. Never underestimate that!