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More Pictures from Fall 2002

Me with Friends.. and Foreign Friends as well, who have gifted me with their pictures to upload and treasure :)!

Firstly, let me present you Florence Creek's in its cream re-united after quite a while with some of the Lodi's Creek ;)
We were all eating at a Restaurant in Prato, after Massy's (Ilaria new man) idea.
From Lodi, Stef and DellaSte and Nadia.. the rest is Me, Monia and Mauro, Chiara and  Marco, Ila and Massy, Vale and Francesco.. It has been a GREAT night out :) I love when the two creeks merge together ;)


Then in Random some pictures of Lodi's Creek and me there among them as well :) How much I do love all these people?!? SO much :)

Ale and Micky (the recently married , YES..)

Gu and Stefy.. erm.. at their marriage ;)

Me with Stef's Uncles DOGS!!!! Love them :)

Nadia and Me

Stef, SteDella and Orni.. PIGS!!!! ;)

Me and Stef @S. Gimignano

And now let me introduce you to Heather, a wonderful, and I mean WONDERFUL American teenager who is always so sweet with me, that I would love to have her as little sister, and Ricardo, from South America, a man full of qualities and a very pleasant one to talk with about everything :)
Hugs to both!!!! :)



"A friend in need's a friend indeed" (Placebo, "Pure Morning")