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A Trip To Rome
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A little walk inside and outside Colosseum


Rome is a Town excellening in so many ways.Even in cloudy days, there is a sight of massiveness which is unbeatable.
You really feel it was the capital of the whole known world for so many centuries, giving civilian habits to the whole Europe.
To walk among its stones of ancient mystery is especially pleasing for those who, like me, have studied ancient Latin at Secondary school. And all referring to Rome, The Greatest.


The magic of Colosseum is not possible to be described, because all ideas you have in mind will get erase and disappear as soon as you will actually see it and walk there.
Please, don't imagine Russel Crow as I write this and you read. For the sake of us all ;)


Tourists walkin everywhere, among Rome's magnificent pine trees, and Old Centurions from modern times trying to explain you how it was to be really that thousands of years ago.
That's the magic. Rome has THOUSANDS years. And we can still see it. Isn't this so awesome in itself?
Culture in the world gotta be protected.
All ancient, noble towns, everywhere. Because they are richness for us too :)