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A Trip To Rome
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Trevi's Fountain and Traian's Column...


Now let me talk about food in Rome, since the beauty of the town is here in the pictures (but they are not even a tenth billionth of the great sights there...): the food in Rome is delicious!!


There is an entire culture of food there. Yeah, I know, all Italy's towns, even those really little and unknown, have a peculiar cookin tradition which makes them sparkle among all other Countries Towns... but Rome is just a gem among gems. Especially talkin about lamb meat and especially types of pasta. And bread.


I thought I was despising the Altar of Country. Because it was made by fascists, obviously, and it's not a great memory at all. But stylistically it's impressive. It really has a charme of greatness there. So for the sake of art, we took a picture there. I ahve also dedicated in my renderosity Gallery the piece "Art Embrace" to it :)


Talkin about food, I advice you all in going to the smallest places, those you find walkin through the town. Follow your nose, especially. Even if you are not tested as Italians in this practice ;)
The best food, for me at least, from ages is the "Amatriciana" a pasta (well, a sauce for pasta) which seems perfect ONLY in Rome.
No one cooks it like people there.
From centuries they are just masters.
Then there is the amazing Carbonara, the sauce for pasta made with eggs, as yellow as possible. So tastey.
But really, believe me.. everything there is cooked so wonderfully.
It must be the innate creativity and cheerfullness of Roman people. Proud of being known everywhere, from all times, Romans can results or untakeable, or the funniest and sharpest people ever.
Maybe I was lucky, but so far I met only people of the latter type :)
So Ste, thank you so much for this trip!!!!!!!!


I will be back soon, Rome my Rome!!!!!! (but ehy.. I still love my Florence the most, obviously. ;))