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A Trip To Rome
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Some more Eternal Sights, for you :)


There is an endless life goin on in Rome. Fellini's Dolce Vita applies to it really, especially in the past ten years.
A town of beauty all over and onward :)


I was surprised of the effect Rome has produced on Stefano. He's not really into any art. His mathematical mind and financial is not blessed by the sacred fire of artistical beauty, although I hope my influence still work on him at least ;)
But he enjoy to go through sites at least in that town.
He has so far visited far more than I was expecting.
Next time I must take him visiting some paints expo, there are millions in rome everyday.
I am sure he could agree :)
I do hope so at least :P

Well, in Rome therea re also very VIP things goin on. Thank also to Ste's work, we could have done more in that field, but my natural reticency was a stone on the road. Next time he'll invite me, maybe, we'll go visiting all movie stars (of all countries) in Rome. Just the other week (March 17) Stef met in a restaurant.. Mel Gibson :) And  that is just one name out from hundreds, literally, that you could meet there.
For my work, of course, the most important people I could meet are our politicians.. but so far I am okay in having known not too many of them.
I really hope I'll never meet *some* (one???) of them never ever though.
But then, he's a smoke salesman, not really any politician ;)
It was fine though to walk around the Palaces of Italy's Power, and Vatican too.
Saint Peters is just breathtakin.
As it is the most awesome sculpture of Michelangelo ever (alongside David.. I could never betray that!!) The Pietas.


I feel like thankin this man for all the awesome things he did, and still do for me, so lovely everytime he is.
:) My smile should tell it all :)