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Micke Coming at Me (December 2002)
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Micke visits the beauty of my town.. and comes to my adored hairstylist to change his head!!!


This time Micke has met my Florence under rainy sky, most of time.
He would have loved snow of course, as all Swedes would do in Winter, but he had to content himself otherwise.
From the bag you see that he really does love to do shopping, and it was lovely for me to dress him, especially, with all Italian clothing and shoes.
It is something I love to do always when people come in Florence from foreign Countries, but with him it was just double special, you know :)
He's naturally cool in style, he also likes to spend a fair amount of money when he sees things he love, and in this is *absolutely* Italian -like :) :) :)
Not like he love to waste money, he's not shallow at all. But he knows sometimes, to spend a bit more makes your outfist be timeless almost.
And Italian clothes and shoes simply are the best, aren't they? :)

But there's another thing Italians do greatly, and that's hairstyling.
So I brought Micke to my beloved hairstylist, Alessandro...
Take a look below ;)


Micke and Ale.
My hairstylist is one of the coolest people ever. Funny (cute.. you would never tell his age.. I can just say he's married from LOTTA years and aa proud father of two beautiful boys. You would never believe how old he is :)) and creative.
He really loved to change Micke's head, although (below) you get that it was a long and someway embarassing way to come at the final aim ;)