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Micke Coming at Me (December 2002)

There are special people who can turn one's life for the better. Micke was, is and forever will be in this cathegory for me.Eternally blessing for my own life, entirely.

And under every kind of Sun, we will be forever the most special among friends.

*Luv* :)

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I know, my Florence is beautiful . Micke has always loved it from the very first coming here. You can guess from the smile :)
Behind him there is the Palazzo Vecchio, the old site for the Majorly from Centuries in Florence.
The David in front of it though is a copy, like it is the bronzed one in piazzale Michelangelo.
The real David of Michelangelo is in The Accademia Gallery near to the road micke is standin at in the aside picture :)

To shopping is of course one of the coolest things to do in Florence right before Xmas.
Micke loved every bit of the shopping in our stores, but here, it was me trying some cool glasses.
He loved them.
I did too, but they were just too expensive for a pair of  simple glasses ;)

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