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Micke Coming at Me (December 2002)
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Some buys, Some Art.. and My Parents :)




Again, the shop bugs took Micke.
Just outside Florence, beside the new Ikea (!!!!) store, there is one of the biggest storehouse with 200 shops in of the whole Tuscany. They sell also that Ferrari ;)
What could you ask for more?

In one of the few sunny days we had, we went into San Lorenzo Church, the beautiful, white Church where the "greatest" are buried  (included people like Machiavelli, Galileo, Michelangelo...).
Inside there there is a wonderful and refined Botanic Garden.
A bless to be seen, a bless to walk in.
And so there we were:)

Below, My parents with Mikael.
My father was shocked when he heard him read Italian!! He was so very surprised, although for months I told him that Swedish fonetically is quite similar to Italian.
We had a lovely, lovely time with them, unexpected, in a way, because always my parents are a riddle to me.
But instead it went all wonderfully :)
And that is a joy for me, and infinite one :)

well, me stealing my mum's place as she was cookin (my mum is the best cooker ever, as simple as that. No arguments, no possible challenge with no one ;))


Ehy!!! My father was smiling more when Micke was at his side ;)