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Micke Coming at Me (December 2002)
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In My Room and... COME BACK Soon!!! You'll always be blessed here :)





never forget where I live!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's a place that will always welcome your light Micke :)
*Love* :)

This is my reign in my house, and it was the most shining time when i left my chair to Micke.
I wish he would have never left :)
But you see here, whenever he will love to come back, my home is his home.
Wherever my home will be, this one he knows already is still his home, and every othe house I'll have, will be his homeplace as well when he will love to visit me. :)
As I know, the same apply to him towards me :)

There is a glittering aura in some people, which makes them magic in full.
People who blesses others, with their brain, heart, warmth and depth.
Mikael is the Archangel of them all. Younger than me he is, yet so more than me under every sight brave and mature. Sparklin as a gem.
My own gem forever.
Still :)